Ningbo Eastport Fastener Manufacturing Co., LTD., was founded in 1987, for the purpose of specializing in the production of high strength fasteners, which main products include the series of socket screws , hex bolts , countersunk socket bolts, flange bolts, nuts and all kinds of non-standard products. After 30 years of hard working, the company has developed into a professional fasteners production enterprises, which owns nearly 300 employees with annual output of 60000 tons and production value 400 million RMB, become a famous enterprise in China's fastener industry.


Enterprise purpose is “The customer’s satisfaction is our responsibility”, our company always believes in product quality, delivery and service. In order to ensure fast and efficient production of products needed by customers, we are equipped with the most advanced cold forming machine, wire drawing machine, heat treatment production line and all kinds of logistics equipment for material processing, cold forming, hot forging, heat treating, product packaging and transportation in our industry.


In order to make sure that every product is high-quality goods, Eastport established product testing center, equipped the configuration of spectrometer, metallographic testing equipment, tensile testing machine, salt spray testing machine, coating testing and other testing equipment, as well as numbers of state-level testers, to escort the quality of the products for the company.


While configuring perfect hardware, Eastport also vigorously promote software strength, as early as in 1998 the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system, and in nearly 20 years of development, we aim at continuous improvement, innovation ideas and take the customer satisfaction as the goal, to perfect company management system, implementation of 6S management system, comprehensively improve the overall quality of employees, and rapidly enhance the strength of enterprises.


Under the strong leadership of the company's management and the untiring efforts of all the staff, various honors poured in after 30 years of together untiring efforts, Ningbo Eastport Fastener Manufacturing Co., LTD., was named the famous trademark of Zhejiang province, famous brand products of Zhejiang province , the Chinese well-known trademark, ten top companies in machinery department, ten famous brands in Ningbo, and many other such honors that bring “EASTPORT”brand has a strong reputation in the industry.

The development of enterprises is the development of people and the development of culture after all.


Eastport tried best making biggest conditions to create rich amateur culture for employees, which set up the gymnasium, table tennis room, basketball court, library, computer activity room and other sports venues in enterprises, and organize travelling, picnics, ball games, knowledge competitions and other activities on an irregular basis to make the company staff closely united around the company's management.


Having the courage to take the social responsibility and repay society, the company vigorously advocates the concept of green environmental protection, with perfect reclaimed water recycling system, living waste water recycling system, power saving system and other projects, and for the first time pass through the ISO14001 certification in 2005, was awarded the title of Ningbo environmental protection enterprise, water-saving factory and so on in 2005. At the same time, Eastport charitable fund has been set up with total amount of charity fund is more than 20 million RMB. The company has been absorbed as a member of charity by Ningbo Charity Association, and was appraised as charity loving enterprise by Zhejiang Charity Federation in 2008.


In the spirit of “Seeking truth and being practical", the Eastport people strive to make own due contribution in the tide of development.