ISO9001      ISO14001      ISO16949      Certified

Annual self-export

18 million US dollars

Annual output value

60 million US dollars

Warehouse capacity

4000 tons

Annual production capacity

60,000 tons

Who we are

EastPort Company was established in 1987, determined to produce professional fasteners, and 30 years of struggle based on technical improvement and quality assurance. Created the EastPort brand, won the well-known trademark and Zhejiang famous brand products... View details...


The company's management policy has been adjusted from a professional manufacturing model to manufacturing services value-added model, adhered to the principle of internal and external sales advancing side by side, developed the market with quality, has won the trust of Germany REYHER, Italy VIPA, XCMG, Lonking Group and so on, obtained the situation of win-win cooperation.

Quality Management

The quality of the products is the foundation of EastPort, and it is also the guarantee that the EastPort brand has
been thriving for 30 years.
Production equipment The company uses a large number of cold forging equipment from Zhengyi and Chun Zu, and heat treatment equipment from Sanyong...
ProcessOur whole-line process of ACID PICKLING-WIRE DRAWING-COLD/HOT FORGING-HEAT TREATING-PACKING.Ensure the production ...
Testing EquipmentEastport established product testing center, equipped the configuration of spectrometer, metallographic testing equipment, tensile...

Warehousing production

The company is equipped with 4,000 square meters of finished product warehouse and 2000 square meters of raw material warehouse. In addition, it is equipped with four product distribution centers in Shanghai and Xuzhou to provide fast and stable delivery services for customers. View details...

Corporate Culture

To be practical, to carefully craft products, to promote the spirit of craftsmen, to do fine work in the industry.